Saniel Bonder is the Founder and Linda Groves-Bonder a leading Senior Teacher of the international Waking Down in Mutuality transformational work. They are among the leading-edge pioneers in democratizing embodied conscious awakening and co-creative evolution. They and their colleagues have helped hundreds of everyday people stably realize infinite Spirit and continue to heal, grow, and serve as awakened beings.

Saniel and Linda embody, teach and transmit “the Tantra of Trust” as a powerful process of Skilled and Superlative Relating. Saniel is the author of more than a dozen books, including Healing the Spirit/Matter Split, Great Relief, Waking Down, and an acclaimed new novel, Ultimaya 1.0. A professional singer and songwriter, Linda recently released a CD of wordless vocal “toning” for healing, awakening, and meditation that transmits the meaning of its title, Joy of Being, to receptive listeners. 

Saniel and Linda are in early stages of launching Human Sun University to serve the “awakening and empowerment of leaders for the Third Millennium.” They are founding members of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute and appear on numerous telecourses hosted by Shift Network and other thought leaders. They live outside Sonoma, California, surrounded by vineyards, corrals, wild and domesticated creatures, and gorgeous hillsides.